Small and medium-sized companies are a segment greater than 90% of companies in Colombia. This brings clear growth opportunities for consulting-related businesses. Advanion advises companies that are in a growth phase to strengthen the productivity and administrative capabilities of the businesses.
After refining the brand's value proposition, some creative directions were established to develop the new name and logo. 
The name is a neologism created by combining the terms: ADVance, ADVice, and compANION, which aligns with the brand's intention of portraying a story of companionship to foster growth. English was used to reinforce a global message. 
The logo reinforces the message of joining forces to advance and rise to the next level.
The logo communication is complemented with a tagline: Let's take your company to the next level. We tell the rest of the story: We help you grow your company.
The visual identity plays with unity and what results when forces are joined in a dynamic way.
Naming: Carlos Amézquita.
Design: Carlos Amézquita.
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