Abaxys is an engineering company that specializes in metrology. As part of the Grupo DVA Engineering group, this brand was created for a specific business and therefore moved away from its parent brand.
This abstract semantized name was created with math and engineering as concept. The etymological root of the word abacus, the first math artifact, is the Greek "abax" (ἄβαξ). With the suffix "is" the word could have the perfect sound to be memorable an energetic. But the story continued with the domain validation since the desired web domain wasn't available. So The client came up with the good idea of changing the "is" suffix for a "ys". That creates a typical math combination of XY and solved the requirement of having the .com domain.
Metrology is part of Engineering that works with the exact precision needed in a lot of industries, processes, and machines. That precision was interpreted as a target cross where two corners touch at an exact point, no matter proportions or size.
Visual identity supported other brand messages as flexibility and projection to the future.
Name: Carlos Amézquita
Design: Carlos Amézquita & Jose Efraín Arango
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