After 16 years of growth, one of the key players in the biomedical supplies and equipment business in Colombia decides to refresh its visual image. The new strategic plan requires a stronger and more competitive brand communication scheme that allows them to get new markets and face bigger competitors all over the country. 
After a Brand Sprint with the client's leading team, we decided to simplify the name from "Laboratorios Biotek SAS" to just "Biotek" and complement it with a tagline that helps us to communicate the proposition value without any doubts. 
Positioning is reinforced through the communication messages and schemes defined in the Brand Book and co-created with the client's marketing team.
The logo was updated maintaining the initial graphic concept, important for the management team. The graphic language of the brand was modernized, supporting the strategic messages defined in the Brand Sprint, and a more global image capable of representing the growth achieved by the company.

Technology has become a key partner in brand communications. The renewal of URLs for the web, virtuality in business cards, and virtual support communications were updated.
Digital assets of the brand as the website and Social Media profiles were updated since its conception taking care of the Visual Identity system and particular language of the brand. 
Business cards are connected to Virtual Business Cards (eCards) via QR code for every worker of the company. This way is easier to share the vCard contact o additional commercial information. Even, customers can check the legitimacy of the business card holder. 
Consulting & Tagline: Carlos Amézquita
Design: Carlos Amézquita & Mariana Velasco
This project was awarded in the selection of the CLAP Prizes 2023 version. 
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