After 12 years of growth in a blue ocean market, this Dentistry Center decided to refocus the strategy looking for an innovative fast and dynamic approach inside a mall. The brand had to be renewed since the name because of a legal issue so the challenge was to maintain engaged the customers while the business was moving its place and changing the brand name.
The brand personality was dynamic and modern. The professional reputation wasn't a problem and that gave us freedom to express all the coolness of the brand in the next brand elements.
The name was born in a co-creation process with the client. He came up with the idea: How many teeth has a healthy mouth? 32. Great! That name had the differentiation we desired among the competitive context and morphology that facilitates memorability in the target.
The mix of the hand-made work of the dentist with the state-of-the-art technology was the inspiration to make a typography set with a logotype with a script designed font and a grostesque modern complement for the descriptive tagline. 
To reinforce positioning and taking advantage of the new brand name, we decided to use the 32 logotype curves as a background. A clean and happy atmosphere.
Design: Carlos Amézquita & Javier Osorio
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