Branding / Design / Innovation

Our methodological approach combines Design Thinking with a wide combination of communication and social sciences tools and technologies.
strategic branding

Essentially, brands are intangible assets in the consumer's mind. Creating a strong and consistent brand requires the best definitions in order to achieve the desired positioning in the consumer's head (heart!). We can create or reposition brands from the foundations. 
· Brand Strategic Analysis and Brand Research
· Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Communications Strategy
· Brand Portfolio, Co-Branding, Sponsorships, Strategic Campaigns
product development

"A product isn't a product anymore". We firmly believe that service and experiences have become the fuel to ensure love explosion for the product. The Service-Product-System requires coherence and delightful storytelling to engage the customer. 
· Strategic Design
· Product Design, Packaging Design
· Service Design, Experience Design

Audition is more powerful than vision in many senses. Communication through ears has evolved for thousands of years and has become part of the unconscious most reliable feeders. Connect the audition impacts with the desired meaning of the brand have part of art and part of science. 
· Name Creation, Naming Strategy
· Slogans, Taglines
· Verbal Identity System, Brand Language Systems 

Recognizing a brand with its values and communication intentions is not work for the consumer. We create beautiful, high-performance logos that make it easy to remember and support positioning. 
· Logo Design, Logo Refreshing
· Visual Identity Systems

We, as Human-Centered Designers, love to please the eye. Beauty is in the eye of our soul and we put our soul in creating all kinds of solutions creativity can bring. 
· Visual Communications Design. Editorial, Typography, Signage, Illustration.
· UX Design. Design Systems, UI Design, Web Development.

Design is fed by data and insights. That makes really affective the outcomes of the design projects. We have learnt to make design research for a wide variety of innovation projects, including brands, design and product development.
· Benchmarking Analysis for Brands and Innovation Projects
· User Research through Qualitative Methods: Interviews, Focus Groups, Digital Ethnographie.

Some medium-sized companies have grown and have not structured a marketing department or proper brand management role. Other companies prefer to outsource this process which requires particular talents, knowledge, and technologies. We manage brands that support the business strategy and grow as if we were part of the organization. We can do what we know so that your business focuses on what it knows.
· Brand Management. Brand Strategies, Tactics and Operations.
· Communications Management. Design and Communications Operations.
· Digital Marketing Management. Email Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing.

Brands move through the cultural and social context depending on the beliefs and the meanings that people evoke. When a brand from another continent tries to penetrate the Latam market faces a lot of particularities that can shift a good idea into a wrecked project. We can help your brand establish and run in the growing markets of Central and South America. 
· Market Research, Brand Validations.
· Brand Audits. Brand Intelligence.
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