One of the biggest eyeglasses and sunglasses in the southwest of Colombia decided to change its strategic road and become an optic store with optician services after more than 35 years in the market. The good mood of the brand is carried to a more clinical service with a more professional look required.
The elected new positioning statement is co-created with the client's team after the consumer's research: "The optic for the family". Positive and familiar messages give a colorful and vibrant graphic system that allows a successful flexibility but coherent brand communications. From the positioning statement came out the brand's tagline: "la óptica de la familia". A strong statement from a family business. 
For the stationery system were created two worlds: a clinical one with white as the main color and an administrative (and commercial) world with plenty of color and positive messages.
The packaging system was designed with awareness in mind. A strong use of color along all the brand communications makes the packages a delightful touch point to connect physically with the customer. The final user can receive the good mood, the good messages, and a great product.
Consulting & Tagline: Carlos Amézquita
Design: Carlos Amézquita, Miguel Muñoz & Mariana Velasco
This project was awarded in the selection of the CLAP Prizes 2023 version. 
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